Allanah Colley
Allanah is a Judges’ Clerk at the Wellington High Court. She has Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts (English, Politics) degrees from the University of Auckland. Allanah’s primary interests are in international law and women’s issues in the law, particularly in international criminal law, peace-building and security issues.

Allanah’s management experience includes roles such as:

  • Co-Director of the Equal Justice Project (2013–2015);

  • Senior Advocate for the Auckland University Students’ Association (2015);

  • Board Member for the YWCA Auckland (2014); and

  • Women’s Rights Officer for the Auckland University Students’ Association (2013).

To date, Allanah’s publications include:

  • “Book Review: Kris Gledhill Human Rights Acts: The Mechanisms Compared” (2015) 21 Auckland U L Rev 276;

  • “An Invisible Population? The Needs of Young Women Offenders and Why Gender Deserves Consideration in the Aotearoa Youth Justice System” (2015) 3 NZLSJ 471; and

  • “‘Boys will be Boys’ or Women as Agents for Change: How Legal Mechanisms Can Effectively Hold United Nations Peacekeeping Personnel to Account for Committing Sexual Exploitation” (2016) 4 LSLR 41.

Ana Lenard

Ana is an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. She has Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Geography, Psychology) degrees from the University of Auckland. Ana is primarily interested in commercial, international and public law, and alternative dispute resolution.

Ana’s management and editing experience includes the following roles:

  • Trust Board Member, Lakehouse Arts (2016–2017);

  • Student editor for two books (2015–2016): A Stockley and AM Littlewood (eds) The New Zealand Supreme Court: The First Ten Years (LexisNexis, Wellington, 2015) and AM Littlewood (ed) Key Issues in the Design of Capital Gains Taxes (forthcoming);

  • Sub-/Senior Editor and Advertising Manager, Auckland University Law Review (2012–2015);

  • Director, UN Youth’s Delegation to the Hague Model United Nations (2015);

  • Editor-in-Chief, Craccum Students’ Magazine (2014); and

  • President, Aotearoa Student Press Association (2014).

Ana’s publications include:

  • “Case Note: Diamond v Commissioner of Inland Revenue” (2016) 22 Auckland U L Rev 393;

  • “Home is where you make it: the ‘permanent place of abode’ test in Commissioner of Inland Revenue v Diamond” (2017) 23 New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy 235 and (2017) 109 Taxation Today 13; and

  • “The Nascent Law of Cyber Blockades and Zones” (2016) 14 NZYIL 94.